What’s happening with Ripple ?

In the last 5 days there has been a massive price surge in the price of Ripple.

What’s going on ?

Speculation is mounting that the team behind Ripple are about to launch a commercially available service called xRapid.


This service will allow Banks and other financial entities to make extremely quick foreign exchange transfers confirming the transfer using a Blockchain.

There is no information as to how many Banks may already have signed up with any numbers that may be floating around the internet simply guesses based on nothing.

If xRapid is a success it would represent the first serious commercial use of a Crytocurrency and thus begin to show the real world potential that they have.

Investors have gotten excited and the price has surged in recent days to 50 cent, still way off it’s high of 380 cent though.

The roll out of xRapid is something all those interested in Crypto should watch carefully in the coming months.

However there have been many false dawns before so it’s important that anyone considering putting money into any crypto is careful and remembers that even at present levels Ripple is valued at an astounding 21 billion dollars.

Caveat Emptor.

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