Will regulation hurt cryptos?

In recent days the Crypto market has focused on plans by the South Korean government to introduce far greater regulation of crypto exchanges and increased control around the trading of cryptocurrency. Given the importance that South Korea has in the crypto trading world and the number of traders based there, there was concern that this […]

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The problem with Crypto Exchanges

Over the last three or four years a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges have appeared, mainly in the United States and South Korea. These exchanges allow holders of cryptocurrency to trade it for other coins or even in a limited number of cases, fiat currency i.e. real money. Up until recently the existence of these […]

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South Korea to ban Crypto Trading?

According to some major media outlets South Korea today confirmed that it would ban cryptocurrency trading. Some movement in the regulatory space was not unexpected with officials in the South Korean Central Bank indicating that this may happen a number of weeks ago. The news has sent the price of all major cryptocurrencies down again […]

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How to sell Stellar Lumen for Euro

The Crypto markets have started 2018 very strongly. Most coins have made strong gains and none more so than Stellar Lumen (XLM). These large gains have resulted in major media outlets picking it up which has broadened out its market considerably. There are two types of owner of Stellar Lumen , those that bought in […]

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How to buy Monero in Ireland

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three months you will be aware that something major is going on in the market for Crypto-Currencies. The prices for various Cryptos have skyrocketed over the course of 2017. The reasons for the rise are however very unclear. Many suspect that the market is […]

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