The Dangers of backing an ICO

2017 was a big year for Cryptocurrency with the value of most major coins growing enormously over the past 12 months. Investors from all over the world recognised the potential of Cryptocurrency as a game changer and decided to get involved. Investment was not limited to the coins themselves but also the underlying Blockchain based […]

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How is Bitcoin regulated in Ireland?

This is a question that usually gets a simple answer. That answer being that Bitcoin is not regulated in Ireland. However whilst that may be the formal position of the government and regulatory authorities, that is not always the case in reality. The Official Position The Central Bank of Ireland regulates the Irish financial services […]

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The IMF view on Crypto is wrong

This month the head of the International Monetary Fund,¬†Christine Lagarde, published an article which will not be welcome reading for supporters of Crypto. In essence the article painted Cryptocurrency as purely a conduit for illegal activity with no positive attributes. If this really does represent the view of such an important supranational body then fears […]

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An Interview with: Eircoin

For many Irish buyers of Bitcoin their first purchase would have been made through Irish Bitcoin broker Eircoin. The ever reliable broker led the market for many years and was a key source of Bitcoin for many of those new to Bitcoin in the early years. Eircoin was set up by Dave Fleming in 2013 […]

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An Interview with: BitIreland

The local crypto landscape is always changing. Only last week saw the launch of the first Crypto Cafe in Ireland. Whilst Ireland does not have a company in the crypto space that has achieved major international scale just yet, there are new companies starting up all the time who aim to cater to the local […]

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