An Interview with: Eircoin

For many Irish buyers of Bitcoin their first purchase would have been made through Irish Bitcoin broker Eircoin. The ever reliable broker led the market for many years and was a key source of Bitcoin for many of those new to Bitcoin in the early years. Eircoin was set up by Dave Fleming in 2013 […]

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An Interview with: BitIreland

The local crypto landscape is always changing. Only last week saw the launch of the first Crypto Cafe in Ireland. Whilst Ireland does not have a company in the crypto space that has achieved major international scale just yet, there are new companies starting up all the time who aim to cater to the local […]

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A Quick Guide to Monero

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency that was created in 2014. It uses a public ledger to record transactions with new coins created through a process called mining, just like Bitcoin but its security and usability represent significant advances on other coins. Monero improves on existing cryptocurrencies as it hides the identity of the sender, […]

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Will regulation hurt cryptos?

In recent days the Crypto market has focused on plans by the South Korean government to introduce far greater regulation of crypto exchanges and increased control around the trading of cryptocurrency. Given the importance that South Korea has in the crypto trading world and the number of traders based there, there was concern that this […]

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The problem with Crypto Exchanges

Over the last three or four years a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges have appeared, mainly in the United States and South Korea. These exchanges allow holders of cryptocurrency to trade it for other coins or even in a limited number of cases, fiat currency i.e. real money. Up until recently the existence of these […]

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South Korea to ban Crypto Trading?

According to some major media outlets South Korea today confirmed that it would ban cryptocurrency trading. Some movement in the regulatory space was not unexpected with officials in the South Korean Central Bank indicating that this may happen a number of weeks ago. The news has sent the price of all major cryptocurrencies down again […]

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